Sweet 16 Perfume

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Sweet Sixteen Perfume

By GST Jewelery and Perfumes
Let loose the younger and fresher you with Sweet Sixteen Perfume by GST Jewelry and Perfumes. This
perfume gives off a spring and zesty sensation, the kind of scent you get from mandarin orange, lemon,
green leaves, and blackcurrant.
Sixteen or not, the fruity floral scent will definitely boost your inner young feeling. This kind of scent is
also perfect if you are about to do something fun and exciting.
A dash of Sweet Eau de Perfum brings out that lively, young and fresh aura- your friends and loved ones
won’t help it but to ask what you are wearing.
Get one now at GST Jewelry and Perfumes and be amazed how this unique sweet floriated scent
brightens up your day.

About the product

• Floral fruity flavored Perfume
• 35 ml/1.2 fl oz


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