Intertwined Heart Necklace


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Intertwined heart necklace

A heart has always been a symbol of love, joy, deep attraction and affection to someone you like.

If you admire someone, a necklace with a heart symbol is a great gift that you can give to show your love towards that person. Giving a heart-shaped necklace shows that the person has an importance in your life.

But what if the two hearts were intertwined together? It must have a different meaning.

Many people believe that Intertwined heart symbolizes togetherness, complete unity and eternity. It symbolizes and represents that your heart is already owned by someone else.

When you’re in a relationship doubled heart necklace is a great gift for your loved ones. It shows that your love for him/her is for an eternity it has no end, in short, it lasts forever. For a married person, it is a good necklace for you and your partner.

For married person and already have a child, it’s also a nice jewelry between you and your child.

The intertwined heart necklace is not just a good gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend and spouse. It’s also a great present for your best friend cause just what like I have mention earlier it represents the eternity of your love and even friendship.


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