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Heart pendant for lovers

When giving a gift of heart necklace, you should know that a heart pendant can give an extra meaning. It generally symbolizes love, deep affection or, at least, deep liking for someone.
In its physical manifestation, the human heart allows the blood to pump around the body. It represents the core of our being. Great affection and love are the usual meanings behind the gift of a piece of heart jewelry. The heart symbol represents many different things; it has religious to romantic meanings.
This kind of heart necklace tends to have a very delicate, and elegant appearance, making it an excellent choice for women with refined tastes. Diamond pendants tend to be a bit more expensive than heart-shaped diamond pendants. Because most of them contain a larger carat weight, usually one-third to one and a half carats.
The heart pendants’ prices range from the low hundreds to the very high thousands. Diamonds are very common for engagement, wedding, and anniversary jewelry. Because of their symbolism: three stones for the couple’s past, present, and future. It is a way to remember the circumstances that brought them together and the special memories they have shared. A way to celebrate the happiness of marriage, and a way to look forward to the many wonderful years ahead.


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