Forever Perfume

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Forever perfume

Put some sense of uncommon places and succulent jungles to your daily activities with Forever Perfume by GST Jewelry and Perfumes. This pleasant scent for women assortments brittle, white flowers with a touch of the orient to create a delicate, tempting fragrance. Introduced in the year 1995, this body spray enhances your self-possession and brings out the romantic in you.

A light, vague perfume for the most romantic occasions in your life. This kind of scent is just made for women for it is lovely and feminine with a beautiful daytime scent. Mixed with peonies, plums, and raspberries so gentle but lively, its fragrance astonishes on the skin. Narcissus, freesia, lily of the valley, and rose make up the floral middle notes. So perfect for your lovely skin since it has different ingredients that could make you amazing.

Better have this fragrance in your daily life as it would boost your confidence and also attract the people who are near to you. Though it is not really advisable for all the women, a helpful thing for the perfume users.

Therefore, Forever perfume is decent for women in their daily life. Moreover, it is an effective way to make other people like you.


  • Fragrance type: Fresh


  • 35 ml/1.2 fl oz


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