How we became a well-known customized jewelry store in our locality?

Our business about making customize jewelry started from a very modest beginning. Back in the year 2008, we just owned a minimal capital as a goldsmith business.

During that time, we only bought and sold gold and silver. However, as the years went by, people started to ask for customized jewelry made from pure gold and silver. From then on, we stemmed our business to offer handcrafted gold and silver jewelry.

Establishing a store for customized jewelry become an opportunity for us since we already had easy access to the raw materials that will be used. From 2010, we received orders from different clients wanting their own design. We carefully handcrafted it for them for almost 7 years and made sure that we met their expectations.

We also offered our items to local dealers for them to earn profit from selling our handcrafted jewelry, and for us to be more productive.

The goldsmith business is popular in our locality New Bataan. Because gold trading and mining is a trend as a source of living.

As we provide quality service for our jewelry, We also started our perfume collection as we wanted to develop our business more as a small enterprise. That’s where the concept GST Jewelry & Perfumes Store began.

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