Frequently Asked Questions

The following are our FAQ’s or Frequently asked questions our customers ask regarding our products and processes.

How to order on your website?
If you have an account on Paypal you could easily purchase our products as it has a built-in e-commerce system. You can also avail our cash on delivery if you are in the Philippines.

What is the payment method for your jewelry cleaning?
As of now we only offer this service on who will come to our shop.

Where is your physical store located?
We are located at P-1, Poblacion, New Bataan, Compostela Valley Province Philippines.

How do you plan your product pricing on your gold or silver jewelry?
We base it on a current market price in the Philippines of gold and silver then we set an amount on it per grams for every product.

Would you accept the international order?
Basically, some orders came only from the Philippines but if someone else would wish to. We will find ways for it.

How do I avail your Jewelry Cleaning?
Bring your Jewels at our shop and we will clean it for you at an affordable price.

Are your perfumes authentic?
Yes. We have our own secret formulation of our perfumes.

Is your jewelry pure gold or silver?
We buy gold and silver from our local miners then we customize it.

If you have any other inquiries that are not in our frequently asked questions list, please feel free to contact us directly here.

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