About Us

What we do?

GST Jewelry is very dependable in terms of making high quality jewelry that is purely handmade for our customers.

We are already more familiar than any other jewelry store in New Bataan. People know of our stability. We developed our reputation fro 7 years, and therefore have harvested the benefits of our efforts. Our customers have found us comforting for being reliable, and providing high quality and predictable service.

GST Jewelry offers the best customized classy jewelry in New Bataan. We asked and approach our customers on what design they want for their jewelry and deliver.

GST Jewelry personally made what our customers desire. We can assure our customers that the special pieces that they requested have been fully developed in the way they specified.

We are trusted with our customers on giving such reliable services. People come to us when they are looking for genuine pieces of jewelry. We can give them the best products as we are experts on this matter. All of our jewelry have always been purchased from legitimate makers at the best price.

People give different types of gifts for different reason. It is our goal to create emotional connection for each other. Our jewerly is best in terms of giving sentimental pieces of jewelry in occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduation, etc.

GST Jewelry Store offers different services that can help you maintain your jewelry.
The services that we offered are the following:
• We make customized bracelet, earrings, necklace, and rings
• Our store offers to repair broken jewelry
• also, we accept jewelry cleaning.

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